Professor William E. Wheeler

Staff Nutritionist for the President of the United States, Staff Nutritionist for the United States Olympic team, creator of the WellnessPro® Balance Nutrition.

Get it! Live it! Be it!

Getting healthy and losing weight has been a life long journey of me. My journey from fat to fit will guarantee the success of your journey as well. Together, we will journey down a path that took me from 319 lbs to 187 lbs over 2 years. Also, you will learn that making the decision for a healthy lifestyle change to lose weight can be simple, easy and fun. Most importantly, you will learn how to get the healthy weight that you always wanted.

For me, I had weight problems while everyone else only had weight issues. Does that sound familiar? The US Surgeon General's 2001 Report showed that almost 65% of us in the US are overweight or obese. Yes, all of us have tried the magic pills, magic lotions, magic exercise equipment and magic diets over the years to lose weight. However, for us nothing has been successful to take the weight off and keep it off. That is until I developed WellnessPro® for losing weight. It worked for me. It also will work for you.