Vera Chesnokova, Ph.D

Associate Professor-David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Research Scientist -Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Los Angeles, California

Everything changed since I started taking WellnessPro products for women!

I am 55 years old and as almost any woman of my age I had hard time to adjust myself to the age-related hormonal and psychological changes. I work in biomedical research and my life is very intense, a lot of responsibilities, long working hours, not enough sleep. Last couple of years I felt very exhausted and worn out.

Everything changed since I started taking WellnesPro products for women a year ago. I started from two shakes per day, one for breakfast, one for lunch. I did not feel hungry, and it was delicious too! In a week I started loosing weight. After a month I lost 6 pound, but most importantly, it gave me energy, strength, vigor to handle my busy life. Now I just have one shake for breakfast and it helps me to keep may weight down and to feel great. Since I started WelnessPro products I did not have a single cold, it definitely boosted my immune system. I think WellnesPro vitamins helped also. Everybody tells me that I am look great, and it makes me happy. My husband started it too. I also recommended it to my friends. As a biologist I think that this product includes combination of vitamins and other nutrients which we are often missing in our everyday diet, and that is why it is so effective.