Ravil Isyanov


I feel so young again! I recommend it to everybody!

I am one of the first people who started taking WellnessPro cocktail. It was just when it was developed and was at the trial stage, and just after I returned from being away on a job for eight months. As some of you may know, one usually returns from such long excursions in a rather sad physical state.

By now, I have been using the product every day for over 2.5 years and intend to drink the cocktail for the rest of my days. It gave me back the energy to exercise, to run around doing everyday things that no longer exhaust me. I will be honest Ñ I still drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. But I feel so young again that it seems I can still get away with it for awhile.

I am an actor by occupation, there are many ups and downs in my work, physical and emotional challenges, including changing time zones, demanding schedules, intense situations, etc. The WellnessPro product gives me the edge over my competitors and the chance to do things I thought I would never be able to do at my age. Now, once again, I look forward to new beginnings. I recommend it to everybody.